In 2006 Katherine Scholfield and I embarked on a survey of conservation NGOs working in sub-Saharan Africa and compiled a list of over 280 organisations, obtaining financial information on nearly 90 including all the largest. We sent our list and figures out to all the organisations on it, together with a write-up of our findings, in an extensive consultation exercise. I was delighted by the enthusiastic response that our first report generated with about forty people replying with useful comments and observations.

The result of all that work has been one unpublished report which we produced to make this work freely accessible. The report is available here in both a high and low memory format.

The research also produced a number of published publications: one paper for Africanist, and more social science, audiences; two for more conservation science audiences and a third addressing more radical scholarship. PDFs follow:

Holmes, G., Scholfield, K. and Brockington, D. 2012. ‘A Comparison of Global Conservation Prioritization Models with Spatial Spending Patterns of Conservation Nongovernmental Organizations’ Conservation Biology 26 (4): 602-609. PDF

Brockington, D. and Scholfield, K. 2010. ‘Expenditure by Conservation Non-Governmental Organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa.’ Conservation Letters 3(2): 106-113. PDF

Brockington, D. and Scholfield, K. 2010. ‘The work of conservation organisations in sub-Saharan Africa.’ Journal of Modern African Studies 48 (1): 1-33. PDF

Brockington, D. and Scholfield, K. 2010. ‘Conservation NGOs and the Conservationist Mode of Production in sub-Saharan Africa.’ Antipode 42 (3): 551-575. PDF