During my post-doctoral research in Tanzania from 1999-2000 when I spent the best part of 14 months in a remote village called Mtowisa I encountered some remarkably strong environmental sentiment at many places in society. This paper tries to explain the strength and character of environmentalism sentiment I encountered there:

Brockington, D. 2006. ‘The politics and ethnography of environmentalisms in Tanzania.’ African Affairs 105 (418): 97-116. PDF

I have also engaged with Bjorn Lomborg’s strange book The Skeptical Environmentalist. The book is a piece of brownlash writing, which is strongly inspired by the work of Julian Simon. I have little time for it. It is not so much that it is wrong (although much of it may well be), rather the real problem is that I think Lomborg knows so little about what he writes that you can never tell whether what he is saying is true, false or trivial. I found him a poor guide to the topics the book covered, and explained why in this paper:

Brockington, D. 2003. ‘Myths of Sceptical Environmentalism.’ Environmental Science and Policy 6: 543-546. PDF