A Guide to the Site

I have been analyzing various aspects of the social science of conservation and environmentalism since the mid 1990s. This is not a very long period but I have been able to produce a variety of papers and books, and also contribute to some films, that cover a large number of topics. I have served as the editor for the journals Conservation and Society, and Environment and Society and as associate editor of Environmental Conservation.  I have constructed this site to make it easier to understand how all this work fits together.

These pages cover my contributions on a broad range of issues but are not intended to provide a comprehensive guide to any of them. Rather they simply group all my writings and research into accessible units while also providing a bit of background (in an autobiographical tone) into how some projects were undertaken, some intellectual context and, on occasion, an account of how the findings have been received. The main focus of each page are the links to, and pdfs of, published documents I have contributed to. The topics all overlap, and to cope with that I have sometimes repeated links to different writings.

The site also introduces some teaching resources which introduces the studying green website.

The research topics to which I have contributed are:

Neoliberal Conservation
Human Rights
Protected Areas
Poverty and Conservation
Community Conservation
Fortress Conservation