The Success of Fortress Conservation and the Court Case

The most important part of the book is that it shows how strong and successful unjust conservation policies can be. This argument has been misinterpreted. I am not arguing that because conservation can get away with being unjust then it should pay less attention to people’s needs. Quite the opposite. It is precisely because there is not pragmatic necessity of ensuring that conservation is just that we should be vigilant against the injustices it can wield.

This is the original chapter from Fortress Conservation that explains the success of the misrepresentations. PDF

Shorter, conciser versions of the story appeared first in Policy Matters. Page 22-30 of this PDF 

And then also in this paper in Conservation and Society. PDF

This paper presents the same case in Spanish:

Brockington, D. 2015. El poder perdurable de la Conservación Fortaleza en África. Nova Africa 32 (Enero 2015). PDF

If you want to wade through the appalling details of court case which evictees from the game reserve lost then please contact me for a copy of the judgement.